We are a cosmetic laboratory and Mercadona intersupplier. We are dedicated to the research, development, production and manufacture of face and body cosmetic products, sunscreens and fragrances. With 25 years of experience in the sector, we employ close to 500 people and have a portfolio of almost 300 products, all retailing exclusively in Mercadona.

We seek excellence: perfection is our goal. The raw materials, like our product manufacturing processes and packaging, are manufactured under strict quality controls to offer our “bosses”, i.e. our customers, the very best.

We are passionate about innovation: our inquiring nature and special insight into cosmetics make us especially able to create new products with a fresh outlook and signature style.

We care about people. We believe in people and depend on them. A priority for us is to ensure that each employee can develop his or her full potential inside the company, combining their personal lives with their work responsibilities. We enjoy our work and being part of a team with a common goal. We value others and place our trust in them.