Our R&D&i Policy

Research and innovation form the backbone of our strategy, one of the key elements in delivering maximum quality products. Our R&D&i team comprises 24 people and works out of our 600m2 laboratory to achieve the perfect formula for each of the products we make for our “bosses”.

We have always been concerned about and committed to the quality of our goods, as it was our mothers, wives and friends who used them. Who wouldn’t want the best for their mother? That’s why we seek quality excellence in each product.


In addition to creating the perfect formula, our team focuses on powering greater manufacturing efficiency in each of the products. They choose the ideal conditions (temperature, physical state, production speed, etc.) to make them as efficiently as possible, always in coordination with the Production and Quality departments.

We release nearly 100 new references every year, of which between 10 and 15 are innovations, the outcome of a process of identifying our bosses’ “needs”, seeking to give them simple, creative and quality solutions.


This process involves a multidisciplinary team drawn from five departments: Research and Development, Marketing, Procurements, Quality and Operations, working in unison to make the perfect product at the most competitive price.


Our most important new products include: