10 key years in our history


Vicente Ruiz and Romualdo Bertomeu two recent pharmacy graduates, decided to fulfil their dream of working in something other than a pharmacy store – they wanted to formulate and create high-end products. With a capital of €1,200, they made 24 units (2 kg) of product with a bain-marie and a blender, and they typed up the labels themselves. They began selling to their friends, mothers and sisters, something which over time became part of their corporate essence: “who wouldn’t want the best for their mother?


RNB was created in the back room of Romualdo’s father’s pharmacy, a space covering just four square metres. The company began to grow and moved into an office of 70m2 in Massanassa to be able to do research. With a team of four people, they produced 40 kg of product.


The first reactor was installed in January, lifting production to 120 kg. At the end of the year, RNB became a Mercadona supplier thanks to the shared philosophy of “satisfying the needs of the boss [the consumer] and always offering the best product, with a good image and at the most competitive price”.


RNB became a Mercadona ‘intersupplier’, a special consideration reserved for suppliers who manufacture its “recommended brands”. A close and direct partnership was born.


Growing sales and product success led to a move to the new offices in the Technology Park. By now, the company had 15 people on staff and was producing 750 kg of product.


This was a key year in the company’s evolution. Manufacturing moved to Pobla de Vallbona and staff numbers rose to 120 people. RNB also began to roll out a new business line: perfumery products. Establishment of Comotú. By this year, production was up to 3,000 kg, made in eight reactors (3 hot and 5 cold)


Mercadona offered RNB the chance to double its product portfolio. This led to the body moisturiser range, featuring Nutritiva Corporal con Aceite de Oliva nourishing cream with olive oil as the star product. The premium facial range was also created, including Luxe Caviar face cream.


The sunscreen range was established under the brand name Solcare. The headquarters at La Pobla de Vallbona were expanded, shoring up production with the integration of new personnel and new reactors. By 2008, the company had 392 employees and was making 9,000 kg of product in 66 reactors (15 hot, 3 cold and 48 for fragrances).


The company transferred the workforce to Pobla de Vallbona, where it had some 26,000m2 and where the factory had already been located since 1995.


RNB consolidated its name as benchmark in the cosmetic sector. With facilities covering 43,000m2 (following a further expansion), the company now has 19 production lines and 98 stainless steel reactors with a capacity of 290,000 litres making 975,000 units a day.