Ongoing improvement, taking maximum care with quality, processes and products

Excellence in product and process quality has always been one of our core concerns, which is why we check that all of our products and processes are safe and comply with all legal requirements.


The raw materials, formula, packing and packaging of our cosmetic and perfumery products are manufactured under strict quality controls across the entire process. We check that each and every one meets concrete requirements and specifications.


We have our own laboratories (microbiology, analytics, packaging, rheology, production) located in different points of our facilities, where around 45 people work,

and perform an extensive variety of checks and analyses both of the raw materials and of the intermediate and end product. We use lab equipment with the latest technological advances.


Once the product has been made and packed, we conduct monitoring checks to make sure it reaches the supermarket shelf in perfect condition and complies with requirements across the whole of its service life in order to offer our customers excellent quality. We also have a sample library where a sample of each batch we release for sale is stored so we can perform all the checks needed if there is a complaint from the “boss”.

ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 22716

To guarantee product quality and safety and ongoing improvement in risk control, we are ISO 9001:2008 certified, meaning there are defined and updated protocols for every process we perform. This also allows us to document each activity and outcome we obtain in order to provide information on each of the products that goes on sale.


We furthermore strictly abide by Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics in line with the ISO 22716 standard, endorsed by the Valencian Health Ministry, which audits us on a regular basis to check compliance.

We have an annual internal quality and safety audit programme to ensure compliance with the above-mentioned standards, find improvement and efficiency opportunities and track their implementation.


We strive to deliver quality excellence. That’s why our products are also submitted to external checks by renowned laboratories including the AINIA Agrofood Technology Institute, the AIMPLAS Plastic Technology Institute, ISPE (Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation), EVIC (Clinical Assessment of Cosmetic and Parapharmaceutical Products), AGL Pharma & Food and Laboratorios Echevarne.

Clean Rooms

Quality, safety and hygiene are essential to us. The manufacturing and packaging areas are Clean Rooms where we treat the air to always keep it in the best possible condition and prevent against any outside contamination. We also check that everything that could come into contact with the products is scrupulously clean and disinfected.

We uphold strict hygiene control. We all have a dedicated lab uniform (gloves, mask, cap, beard mask and coat) that we must wear in order to enter the laboratory. It is completely forbidden to touch the products directly without the right protection measures. This is essential to delivering on our goal of “quality excellence”.