Work Environment

At RNB we believe in people and depend on them. We enjoy being part of a team that creates the RNB essence day after day. We are all key parts and if one fails, we all do.

We want each of our staff members to perform their daily work with the greatest possible degree of satisfaction and in the best setting. That’s why we offer a safe, healthy and stimulating work environment that recognises talent.


We foster ongoing learning and development through training programmes and our daily experience. We have a training plan we draft each year with the needs detected by the staff themselves and the needs deriving from our corporate strategy.

We also support training to increase workforce skills and education, including master’s programmes. We run leadership training programmes for executive and mid-level managers who share their knowledge and skills with their teams.


For RNB it is hugely important to find the right personal, family and work balance, which is why we have a comprehensive policy of social benefits for everyone who works with us.